Emergency Lighting Police Concealed LED Lights
LED Lights
Emergency Vehicle Lighting And Equipment Installation 
Concealed LED Lighting
Siren Installation
Tri Color LED Lights
Concealed Lighting on Hyundai

Concealed Lighting on Hyundai
​Vanity  Deck / Visor Light 
Single , Dual Quad  LED Modules  
Single - Dual and Tri Color LED Modules Sold here.   
Concealed Lighting sales and  custom fabrication and installation.
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Siren Speakers  Sales and  Installlation
Proper placement of siren speakers on concealed law enforcement vehicles is very important for maximum performance. 
Single - Dual and 4 LED  Deck  / Dash lights Available 
Rear deck lights from 2 heads to 8 heads. 
Up to 31 flash patterns
One color to Tri Color Dualism Technology  Deck light
FleetGear can install your equipment  new or used . We can offer you  service on change outs . Call for estimates or quotes .
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Local State and Federal Government Business Welcome.
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