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​This is one of the best headache racks we have ever come across on to mount a Feniex Fusion light bar. I think we can mount just about any light bar on this rack it is install friendly and sharp looking . Very strong tubing . Has a good powder coat 
Mounted Feniex Light Bars  

Feniex Fusion LED Min Bar
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​The Feniex Fusion GPL Dual Color light bar is in demand for all law enforcement, fire, and security agencies. Brilliantly designed to work with the Feniex 4200 programable controller . The 360 degree flood light work light mode is my favorite feature on this bar.

The Feniex Fusion GPL can be ordered in single color or dual color with integrated directional feature and or take downs and or alleys
Feniex Controllers Switch Panels
Feniex LED Mini Bar
Feniex GPL LED Light Bar
Surface Mounts