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 Feniex 4200 Mini Controller 
Feniex 4200 Controller
Switch Panels and Controllers
Feniex 4200 Mini Contollers shown here are mounted on Pick up truck dash panels for easy access.
The Feniex 4200 Mini Controller has soft touch lighted buttons.  
Casing made of rugged aluminum . 
Can operate 6 functions. Can be mounted direct to a plate or dash. 
Or on Swivel base. ( Included )
Certain buttons can be programmed for momentary function. 
Two buttons can be programmed to be used as Right Left Center out directionals.

The Feniex 4200  Controller / multilpe soft touch lighted buttons.  Casing made of rugged aluminum . 
Can be mounted direct to a plate or dash. Or on Swivel base. Certain buttons can be programmed for momentary function. 
Built in wig wag for headlights or tail lights. 
Download Controller options from Feniex.com to be programmed
Blue Tooth Capability.
Used mostly in Law enforcement PPV applications or for commercial use to manage many functions

Custom Made Switch Panels
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Flasher Systems
Under Dash Switch Panel
Box Console Switch Panels
These Lighted Rocker Switches are rated at 20 amps each
Insert the switch into a Quick connect housings to assemble a 
panel to any quantity.
Lighted or non lighted type blade switch
Double throw switch mode available 
Momentary mode switches available for applications such as 
changing a light flash pattern.

Even though  many lighting companies switched to developing the soft touch digital controllers, These Console Box type switch panels are still available today. Switch ratings to 20 amps each. Some consoles have built in relay, circuit breakers, and each switch has its own ATC blade fuse protection. All Consoles have pig tails for easy connection. 10 ga positive and negative leads for battery and ground connections. All switches are lighted.  Aluminum or light gauge steel housing. Many  Consoles comes with extra legends to identify each of your light application switch to activate. 

The Feniex Flasher 

For Headlights Brake Light Reverse light Turn signals to flash. 
Casing made of rugged aluminum . 
Water proof
Many flash patterns to choose from 
Can be used on any type of vehicle.
Please read all instructions for proper installation or call for estimate to have one of our trained technician install this flasher on your vehicle.

An inexpensive switch panel that can be mounted anywhere in the cab of a vehicle . Box type or panel type. All have fuse protection. Made of lightweight steel
Switches have anywhere from a 15 amp to 20 amp rating each. 
These rated switches can handle many LED lighting applications due to the latest technology in LED lighting.

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​We also install our RS20 Round Lighted Switches for LED Surface Mount applications.

For example ; 4 in the front grill four in the rear of vehicle. These switches are fuse protected.  Rrelays are installed if more lights are added to a upfit. We usually apply these switches into pick up trucks or SUV's  or any vehicle that has room on the dash to accommodate these type of switches. We added a red button momentary switch as shown in this picture to activate light pattern changes. The vehicle operator can conveniently push the momentary switch to change the light patterns to the LED lights the switch is connected to.