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Tow Truck Light Bar Options

Roof & Headache mounting kits available for most cars and trucks 
Feniex 4200 Controller can be programmed to offer selectable pattern features which are preset by you or installer to fit your flash pattern application. Controller can also accommodate other lighting you need flash on and off. 3 slide lever on this unit was programmed to flash light bar front  only , rear only. Third / last slide to flash all lights .
Customer custom ordered this Feniex Fusion S 
with Amber LED in front. Red / Blue LED in back.

Feniex S light bar offers a low profile  feature but maintains 
high intensity light output.
Full 360 degree light output. This light bar was ordered with driver and passenger side alley light features
The Fusion S can be programmed to operate all or front or rear only warning lights.
Light bar has built in  left right center out directionals.